Franchise like no other.


Need more pupils but you don’t want to pay high franchise fee?
Look no further, Evolution Driving School has the solution for you.

You already have your car? All you need is more pupils? You are happy to travel up to 15 miles to a new customer?
If its yes to all the questions then keep on reading and see what we have to offer.

First of all there is no lenghty contract. You will be kept on our system when requesting customers. How will this work?
First you give us  the information about your area (postcodes you cover) and number of pupils you would require per week or month. We then set up our website too advertise in your area and work hard to show up in search results. When new customers call in to enquire for lessons we then pass their number to you and vice versa. You then personally deal with your new customer. You will book your lessons, we don’t want to interrupt with your schedule so all Clients will be referred to you without being booked in for specific time and date. Some Clients will be pre paid. Once you spoke to your new pupil you need no further contact with us. He/she are your clients now. All enquiries should be directed to you not us, the pupil will also be notified about it as well.

Does that sound too good to be true?

We will work together to get you all the work you need.

Whats in it for us? We would like to only ask for a small payment per successfully booked client. No contract and no monthly or weekly fee for the first 3 months. Our aim is to supply you with one client per week or per two weeks, we know if we send you 10 clients per month you may not cope with the workload so our service it for you when you want to top up your diary to work all the hours you want.

Thats is how it would look like over the first 3 months. After the Trial period (3 months) not much would change. The only thing would be a monthly fee to help us get you more clients. There is no contract, just let us know you no longer need our services and will stop advertising you on our website in your area. We will not charge you anything from that day and you get to keep all your clients you have paid for.

If you are interested in working with us please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.


07871 855 124