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Welcome to Evolution Driving School

Want to be a confident, safe and fully-licensed driver?

There’s a saying that people first learn how to pass their test, and then they learn to drive.

At Evolution Driving School, our focus is on ensuring you can drive safely, with confidence and competence. Passing your test is just a natural part of that journey.

A personalised approach to suit your needs

No two people learn in the same way. From the first day we meet, we will match our approach to you, to make sure you are gaining the deeper understanding of the principles of safe driving – for today and the long term.

You will rapidly gain the necessary experience and skills to effectively assess whatever road conditions you encounter and be able to drive safely in all situations.

Ready for anything

We will prepare you for today’s roads, including everything you need to know about “smart” motorways, and give you the right mindset to be adapt to the roads of tomorrow.

The aim of our driving school is to prepare you for your driving test and every day road situations that may take place.
Personalised lesson plan will help you achieve your goals quicker. Passing your test is just the beginning and once you are behind the wheel on your own you will feel safe and confident.

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